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October: Ethan Walden

November: Ashlyn Mote

December: Elle Lesperance

January: Esther Smith

February: Lillian Porterfield

March: Youth Art Month

About the Artist Spotlight

The Artist Spotlight was created to give young artists within Forsyth Central High school a place to show off their work and be represented within the community. Each month an artist will be feature on this page including their work and social media links. This project was created by Laurel Ross for her Girl Scout Gold Award. This award is the highest and most prestigious award in Girl Scouting. Laurel had help from many partners within the community such as the National Art Honor Society, Marea Haslett, Albie McCann, Heather Hanline, Lucas Bertoli, and students within Forsyth Central High School. Without these amazing sponsors this project would not exist. On behalf of Laurel and her team we’d like to thank you for clicking on this page and helping give young artist the courage to continue to pursue art.

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